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Your storefront is your window to the world! Why not make it as appealing as possible with a smooth transparent setup from Pro Glaziers?! Our company can install, repair, or replace any customized window or door configuration you have, on time and on budget, guaranteed.

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You only get to make ONE first impression on your potential customers. Let Pro Glaziers dazzle them with today’s most stylish commercial window and door installations! Not only do our products look amazing, they’re also much stronger, more energy efficient, and customized than ever before. That means you save on energy costs for your commercial building while showcasing the top window and door aesthetics the industry has to offer.

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We provide complete Architectural Glass and Metal Systems to the Contract Glazing Industry. Our product lines include complete All Glass Entrance Systems, Aluminum Storefront Systems, Complete Hardware Packages, Handrails and Guard Railing Systems, All Glass Shower Systems and Fabricated Glass with the highest architectural standards and contemporary designs.

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Understanding the basic concepts of curtain walls, the important considerations of the varying curtain wall types, and the performance specifications for curtain wall systems is critical for architects, project managers and installers in the field. This article looks at the various classifications of curtain wall systems, along with considerations for each. Both unitized and stick systems can be either interior or exterior glazed. Both types offer glazing contractors various advantages and disadvantages during the installation process. Interior glazed systems allow for glass or spandrel installation into curtain wall openings from the interior of the building. Interior glazed systems are often specified for low-rise buildings, or applications with limited interior obstructions that allow for easy interior access.

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It’s hard to say whether the beauty of the 1620/1620 SSG (structural silicone glazed) Curtain Wall System is in the slim, sleek 2" sightline or in the performance. Built on the strength and reliability of the flagship 1600 curtain wall platform, the 1620/1620 SSG Curtain Wall System is an excellent choice for low- to mid-rise applications. The 1620/1620 SSG Curtain Wall System uses a silicone compatible elastomer thermal break and can accommodate double pane insulating glass. An optional fiberglass pressure plate helps architects and glazing contractors achieve even greater thermal performance. Glaziers and installers can leverage their previous knowledge of the 1600 Wall System™1 and 1600 Wall System™2 Curtain Wall to simplify installation. With a slimmed down sightline and design features that have been tested to U.S. and Canadian standards, the 1620/1620 SSG Curtain Wall System lets you see less so you can see more.

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Best quality affordable (our replacement windows prices are impossible to beat.) and durable commercial windows for all your window replacement projects. Our highly skilled window replacement installers are well-known for providing the absolute best replacement windows and quality work that consistently exceeds our customer’s expectations. We are among a few best rated window replacement companies. We offer a wide variety of window replacement options including aluminum storm windows, aluminum impact resistant window frames for all your commercial windows replacement needs.


Unitized frame construction is one of the fastest ways to install glazed frames and close a building very quickly. Utilizing this type of construction does take a quite a bit of pre-planning and forethought. The design of the system plays an enormous role in the ease of fabrication, assembly, glazing and ultimately, installation. The fabrication, assembly and glazing are all performed in the controlled environment of the factory, under the watchful eyes of the QA/QC inspectors. The greater majority of what are usually the problem areas of any glazing system are mitigated in the factory. However, close attention must be paid to a few areas on the frames during the installation process, to ensure that the system has air and watertight integrity for the life of the building.

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A Skilled workforce with a commitment to complete satisfaction every time Our contractors are certified in the latest products and technology used in ornamental metal and glass installation. By using the latest equipment in both our fabrication and installation procedures, we strive to give you the best and highest quality service with a continued passion for client satisfaction. From the complex to the creative, our seasoned professionals help you get the job done right. We work hand-in-hand with leading architects, general building contractors, builders, and building owners in the New York tri-state area creating, installing, and maintaining structural and decorative glass, slope glazing, curtain walls, and storefronts.


Pro Glaziers your one stop shop for custom glass shower doors and enclosures, including frameless, single door, sliding in-line corner & neo-angle glass shower doors. Frameless glass shower doors are the standard in luxury bathrooms. Let our dedicated glass shower door consultants show you the right style glass door to finish your bathroom the right way. We are proud to offer complete design support services, extensive custom fabrication capabilities, and the very latest in shower door hardware.

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your one stop shop for custom glass shower doors and enclosures, including frameless, single door, sliding in-line corner & neo-angle glass shower doors. Frameless glass shower doors are the standard in luxury bathrooms. Let our dedicated glass shower door consultants show you the right style glass door to finish your bathroom the right way. We are proud to offer complete design support services, extensive custom fabrication capabilities, and the very latest in shower door hardware.

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We understand that most homeowners don’t undertake major exterior replacements and redesign projects more than once, and that’s why our goal.

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Metal sunshades (sometimes called Brise Soleil) are an effective means to obstruct undesired sun and heat gain while allowing natural light into your building. Sunshade louvers add an attractive design element as well. Numerous blade shapes, blade spacings, and trim profiles allow a design to suite your project requirements.

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Water infiltration can be a challenging problem to troubleshoot when it comes to leaky glass walls and curtain wall window systems. The average lifespan of curtain wall system and storefront glass punched opening is roughly 20 years before the glazing vinyl starts to shrink and dry rot which leads to water and snow leaking into your building. Identifying Solutions While the best solution is to rebuild the failing glazing system whether its curtain wall, sloped glazing, skylights or storefront, the most cost-effective is to wet seat or wet glaze the exterior of the system. Products are designed to do this efficiently, and while this is not the way storefront glass systems are designed, wet glazing a window by caulking will extend the life of the glass system

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Features an extensive line of Architectural Railings, Hand Rails, Guard Rails, Windscreens, and Gate Hardware for almost any residential and commercial application.

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Wall Panel Systems (WPS) specializes in the design and development of extrusions for the construction industry. WPS provides a complete interior solution with a range of support services including design assistance, on-site training, shop drawing preparation, estimating and take-offs, and panel fabrication. Click here to view project profiles using Wall Panel Systems

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When an Pro Glaziers crew comes to your commercial property or residence, their goal is to make your property sparkle and protect your property from damage due to dirt, algae, pollution and/or water. Our professional technicians receive ongoing safety and skills training. Whether your property needs window cleaning, pressure cleaning and/or leak repair or waterproofing services, you can count on our workers to provide excellent customer service — meeting or exceeding your expectations. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed! We are not done until you are satisfied

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As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of metal composite materials, ALPOLIC® carefully considers every detail of the manufacturing, distribution and sales process. Most of our products are manufactured in Chesapeake, VA, many with a substantial amount of post-consumer recycled materials. After fabrication, the MCM sheets are shipped to their destinations, ready to change the facade of structures around the world. Exceptional projects deserve exceptional materials. Demand ALPOLIC®.

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We Work with the Best Glass Products on the Industry

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Inspiration. Innovation. Building Legacies. Building on the past to advance the future. Kawneer solutions draw on a long history of innovation to create next-generation technologies that inspire architects, contractors and glaziers to create buildings with better performance, protection and productivity. From the redefined IsoPour™ Thermal Break Technology, high-performing doors and the game-changing MetroView® Window Wall series to versatile 1600 Wall System® curtain walls and the pioneering OptiQ® Series windows, our comprehensive product portfolio delivers innovative market solutions for most any building type where occupants work learn, live and heal. And if you can’t find exactly what your project needs, our dedicated Architectural Services Team will partner with you to design custom applications for a myriad of building types, with particular expertise in multifamily, education, healthcare, public buildings, retail, commercial office space and sports facilities. Kawneer has led the façade industry with innovative, high-performing building envelope solutions for more than a century. With locations across North America and Europe, Kawneer manufactures a broad range of architectural aluminum systems from curtain walls and entrances to framing systems and windows. Kawneer’s technical expertise and product capability enhance building performance, protection and productivity to deliver inspiring buildings around the world. Part of Arconic Corporation’s global Building and Construction Systems business, Kawneer innovation is advancing the frontiers of building and architectural design. At Kawneer, we are always building. Build your legacy.

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Innovation is the cornerstone of our business. From the structural integrity of our products to the exterior finishes, our engineers ensure our products offer performance, function and resiliency. The commercial division of YKK AP designs, creates and manufactures aluminum fenestration systems. The YKK AP commitment to quality provides users with high-end products that provide greater value and efficiency. YKK AP is a global company that operates at a local level, allowing us to leverage the resources of an international company while keeping the personal relationships of a local branch.


The leading supplier of value-added, glazing-focused, interior and exterior products and services. Our team of experts help architects, glaziers, contractors and owners solve design challenges and bring projects to life. We design, engineer, test and manufacture solutions in engineered curtain wall, storefronts and entrances, architectural glass, shower enclosures, glazing hardware, windows, railings and more.

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Services Information Center. C.R. Laurence Manufacturing is state-of-the-art production facility and our goal is to make products of the highest quality and value. That is the goal we set for ourselves from the onset, and it is still our guiding influence. Below you will find quick references to our architectural products and services.



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Transform your everyday environment with these 3 different sets of architecture services offered at affordable price. Every pricing package can be customized according to your wishes.

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